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The wines you love and more!

We may be the smallest winery in Butte County, but we promise to deliver a vast array of wine products that are guaranteed to make you smile. Come try our traditional grape wines or venture into something new with our hard ciders, agave seltzers, carbonated meads, or wine slushies, all created by us on site.

We try to keep things fun and interesting and we strive to have at least one beverage that appeals to every palette. Our flagship grape wines are always in stock but the blends that we create can vary from year to year. One of the things that makes winemaking so enjoyable is the ability to create new and exciting blends from time to time. They are usually limited in quantity and tend to sell out quickly.

What do Mead, Agave Seltzer, and Hard Cider all have in common? They are all technically WINES and we specialize in making them all.

Which is Your Favorite?  


We grow Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, Barbera,Zinfandel, Viognier, & Chenin Blanc. Bottled alone or blended.


Our hard apple cider flavors vary but usually include a crisp dry cider and a sour cherry cider.


Most of our meads are light & carbonated. Occasionally we have higher alcohol still meads as well.


Our Agave Lime Seltzer flys off the shelf almost as fast as we can make it! Look for additional flavors soon.

Specialty Drinks

Wine slushies are available whenever weather permits.  In the winter look for mulled wine and hot spiced ciders.